Monday, December 14, 2009

Wisteria & Jasmin (cont)

This is my conquest, this is my land
This is the heedful understand
That those who defy fear
Fear not the happiness
That becomes clear
And unbelievable near
When you purely believe
You’re not naïve…

With the required reverence,
Absorbed in my own breath
I take in the very own impenetrable
essence of time,
and inhale eternity.
inhale love,
so undeserving of…

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wisteria & Jasmin (cont)


… an unsuspected slick move,
my right foot on a broken brick.
The insignificant bug squashed under
(oh, but wait, it can't be insignificant, it's part of the story),
and my first glance into that guessed atmosphere...
Ai! but I slip, not once, but six times
six layered bruises on my left knee.

Note to self,
it's never as easy as it looks,
neither harder, something else, it's unpredictable.

I storm the castle,
tight hand grips, and a swift push.
Helped by the momentum, I'm standing tall
on top of the wall

I feel so big,
strong as a loud firm voice
this is my conquest, this is my land!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wisteria & Jasmin

She finds an old washed wall,
decrypted bricks,
In between, little houses for small bugs
and other little creatures,
there is also a possible foot hold, she thinks,
to see what's on the other side, who will see me,
and I’ll know what wonders it confides

I've heard stories of beautiful gardens
hidden by walls like this,
and magical secrets were kept inside
felt, smelled, seen only by the truly passionate ones
oh, I wish to live such adventure, if I take a look...

(to be continued...)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sierra de Gredos

Since the beginning of this blog I've been going through some major transformations in myself. The most important of all has been to get to know myself better, and to challenge myself when I see that I'm being stubborn, week or self-indulgent.

This past weekend I had a great opportunity to be in touch with my most true and powerful self. The one that is not attached to either things or people, to outcomes or expectancies.

Climbing in "Circo de Gredos", Sierra de Gredos, Spain
Pico Almeal del Pablo 2489 meters

I like to pack and prepare myself for an adventure trip. I like to think about what's essential and leave behind what it's not. I like to think that I can go anywhere, and that I'll be alright because I have everything I need in one single backpack: food, warm clothes, sleeping bag, light, fire, water, plenty of plastic bags and an ipod.

A friend that once lived a whole month in the streets told me that the most important thing he need it when living alone in those conditions, were plastic bags, and I've understood why. This time I didn't had the appropriate shoes, let's just say that to climb on snow and ice with simple five ten guide tennie is not a comfortable choice. So I had to use the simple plastic bags to protect my feet from the cold snow, and it worked. But I won't do it again, because it slowed me down a lot, and with that I slowed don't my climbing partners. So, yes, be fully prepared. I still don't think you need the top shoe, and top clothes, etc, layer up, use synthetic or wool, merino wool is indeed the greatest, good impermeable jacket, gloves, shoes and backpack cover.

So you're ready for your trip, but is your mind ready?

That's the main challenge, and I think it's the one that I need to work on.
When you're going to climb some peak higher than the 2000 meters, you're going to need, not only of good physical endure, but also, psychological strengh. You need to be positive, you need to visualize where you want to go, and then you need to keep your awareness every step of the way. Those strenuous long ascends and descends are very ppsychological. You have to remember that you're strong, that you can handle a lot more than you think. Also, when you feel frightened about some move during the climb, be objective. Ask yourself, if I was just one meter off the ground would I consider this move to be really easy? Are there places where to put my feet, holds to grab on? Be objective, keep your fears very tight, and coach yourself through the way.

In the end, this's what I can say:

I feel free and strong.
I saw beautiful sunsets behind the peaks, and felt the warmth of shy sun rays, finding their way through the clouds. How those moments brought me comfort when my feet and hands were frozen. I felt the wind running strong and pulling me off the ground. I saw the night falling, darkening the entire valley in a slow, deep pass. I saw the distance from above to the small refuge, and felt the closeness to a better me. Sheer simplicity...

I didn't carried a camera with me, so I'm using pictures taken before, by some other wanderers.
Thank you very much